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Harpic Power Plus Max 10 Actions Original 750ml


In stock


In stock

Kills 99.9% of bacteria
Ready to use liquid
Product Marketing
Most Powerful Cleaner*
*(on rust and limescale

1. Fast Acting
2. Limescale
3. Tough Stains
4. Rust
5. Below Water
6. Dirt Build Up
7. Under Rim
8. Urine Stains
9. 99.9% Bacteria
10. Freshens

Harpic toilet bowl cleaner was launched in the 1920s and has proved so successful it is now available in 70 countries worldwide. We also offer a complete range of toilet cleaning solutions, from liquid cleaners and bleach to tablets, wipes and blocks for both toilet bowls and cisterns – whatever your needs, Harpic has a product to help. What’s more, we use recyclable packaging where possible, our global factories are carbon neutral and we’re even planting over 2 million trees through the Trees for Change Project; so you can rest assured that our products are not only effective, but also a little better for the planet.

For help and advice contact us: www.harpic.co.uk
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UK – PO Box 4044,
SL1 0NS.