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Huggies Pull Ups Explorers size 3-4, 9-18 months Pink 28 Pack


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Huggies Pull Ups Explorers 9-18 Pink 28 Pack
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Huggies® Pull-Ups® Explorers; activewear for little adventures.
With a super soft 360˚ waistband and all round protection for both day and night, Huggies® Pull-Ups® Explorers are specifically designed to flex and protect with every step your little adventurer takes.
The protective core maximises ease of movement whilst double leg cuffs delivers the extra protection needed as they stand, lunge, jump, run, dance and explore their ever expanding world. They’re aren’t babies anymore, so the fun Disney® Minnie Mouse graphics help them feel just like the BIG KID they are becoming.
Available in two sizes 9-18 Months (nappy size 3-4) and 1.5-3 years (nappy size 4-5+), for both boys and girls. Say goodbye nappies and hello BIG KID pants!
Are you ready to start potty training? If so try Huggies® Pull-Ups® Trainers Day and Huggies® Pull-Ups® Trainers Night. With unique learning features to help BIG KIDS learn wet from dry, Huggies® Pull-Ups® Trainers range is specifically designed to make potty training a worry-free journey.
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Flexible and breathable 360˚ waistband, allowing your Big Kid to jump, play and explore with maximum comfort!
All round protection – for both day and night
Wetness indicator – fades to signal wet from dry
Tear sides for easy removal
Big Kid underwear-like designs, including Disney® Lightening McQueen graphics for boys and Disney® Princess graphics for girls
Huggies® Pull-Ups® are made by Kimberly Clark, the same company who proudly brings you other household favourites such as Andrex® toilet roll and Kleenex® facial tissues

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