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Jordans Low Sugar Granola Blueberry & Coconut 500g 🇦🇺


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In stock

Our Jordans family have been milling since 1855. We’ve always been passionate about natural ingredients, creating tasty recipes, and making incredible cereals. We’ve focused this passion for ingredients and knowledge of blending to ensure every spoonful contains the perfect balance of whole grain oats and the tasty extras. It’s just what you need to help kick start your day!
Cutting sugar is a topic on everyone’s lips
That’s why we’ve been working hard to reduce it. It’s been a tricky thing to do, as sugar helps create the crunchy texture and taste we know you love. But with no artificial colours or preservatives, and the help of chicory root fibre, we’ve created this granola with less than 5% sugar.
Blended with coconut chips and blueberries we think it tastes pretty good too. So now there’s even more reasons to enjoy our tasty crunchy clusters.

Country of Origin:
Made in United Kingdom
Whole Grain Oat Flakes (53%), Barley Flakes (22%), Chicory Root Fibre (12%), Vegetable Oil, Coconut Chips (4%), Freeze Dried Blueberries (2.5%), Desiccated Coconut (1.5%), Sunflower Seeds, Flavour.

Oats, Barley.

May Be Present Gluten, May Contain OTHER TREE NUTS, Contains Barley, Contains Oats, May Contain CEREALS CONTAINING GLUTEN, May Be Present Tree Nuts, May Be Present Cereals

Source of Dietary Fibre, No Preservatives, Low in Sugar

Servings Per Pack:

Storage Instructions:
After each use, close the bag using the reseal closure and store in a cool and dry place.

Suitable for:


Contains allergens.

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