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Sanex Dermo Sensitive 24H Antiperspirant Deodorant 250ml


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In stock

Sanex Dermo Sensitive Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray looks after your underarm skin. Designed specifically for sensitive skin, this deodorant spray is formulated with lactoserum to minimise irritation while respecting your natural pH. The deodorant spray also keeps you odour protected.
Restores natural pH, Dermatologically tested, 24 hour odour protection

Preparation and Usage
Instructions: Apply only on healthy skin and stop use if irritation occurs. Shake well before use. Hold can in upright position 15 cm from underarm and spray. Allow to dry before dressing.

At Sanex, we’ve been devoted to keeping your skin clean and healthy since 1984. Using the most advanced methods and fewest ingredients, we’ve created a range of skin-friendly products to minimise allergic reactions. Our formulation, including the finest ingredients, helps to maintain your skin’s natural best condition.
Care for your delicate underarm skin with Sanex Dermo Sensitive Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray. Formulated for sensitive skin with lactoserum, this dermatologically tested deodorant spray provides 24-hour protection while minimising irritation and restoring the skin’s natural pH. 0% alcohol or ethanol.

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