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Yankee Candle Exclusive Gift Set


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In stock

Large Jar up to 125 hours of burn time. Medium Jar up to 60 hours of burn time. Small Jar up to 30 hours burn time. Tealights up to 6 hours burn time
Home Inspiration™ by Yankee Candle® is a brand created by the world’s best-selling and best-known candle company. Inspired by the everyday pleasure of home. Home Inspiration by Yankee Candle combines contemporary style and trusted fragrance.
A range of home fragrance products and giftsets designed to offer choice with quality at the heart of everything we do.
Our trusted experts have created a unique range of fragrances carefully chosen to suit everyday living adding warmth and comfort to your home.

H27.2cm x W38.3cm x D10.9cm
This giftset contains 5 of our much loved fragrances



Sugared Blossom – 1H-3a,7-Methanoazulene, octahydro-6-methoxy-3,6,8,8-tetramethyl-, (3R,3aS,6S,7R,8aS)-, Cyclododecane, (ethoxymethoxy)-, Benzyl salicylate, Linalool, Octabenzone.
White Lily – Linalool, Hexyl cinnamal, Cyclamen aldehyde, Isoeugenol.
Evening Lavender & White Birch – Isocyclemone E, Octabenzone, Linalool, Oils, lemon.
Exotic Fruits – Linalool, Octabenzone, Allyl cyclohexanepropionate, Limonene.
White Linen & Lace – Acetylcedrene, Octabenzone, Piperonal, Linalool, Coumarin, Lyral.

** Some pictures may not be exact size of the jars. please refer contents details picture for exact size.

To avoid soot forming around the jar, keep the wick trimmed. Check the bottom label of the candle to find out the recommended wick length. Let the top layer of wax liquefy and pool to the edges to avoid tunnelling. We recommend that for every 1cm in diameter, you burn for 30 mins. So a large jar would be 4 hours. Ensure your candle is out of the way of direct drafts and close any nearby windows to ensure an even burn. Always burn candles well away from drafts, other heat sources, and anything flammable. Make sure burning candles are out of reach of children and pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Once your candle wax is 1cm from the bottom; its officially finished.

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