About Us

We are a new start up business with wealth knowledge and experience in retail industry. Idea of setting up an exclusive buying experience for customers who fascinate and inspires with British brands, product made to sell in United Kingdom.  We are the only and first online platform only sells products come from United Kingdom.

We are two siblings learnt the demand of the British origin products. We have gathered there are same and similar brands widely available in Colombo and nation wide but not essentially genuine or made with the specifications made for UK and Europe market. We are determined to fill the gap in the market nationwide.

We were privileged to study, live and work in United Kingdom for many years. We have vast experience in retailing FMCG in United Kingdom, which gives us the correct, understanding of what customer needs. Also we have right companies who supply the genuine retail products to the best prices.  Not just Industry knowledge and experience but we are also equipped with right academic and professional knowledge required deliver best service, customer experience, of course to succeed and to be successful entrepreneurs.