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Febreze Air Freshener Spray Spring Awakening 300ml


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In stock

Product Information
Febreze Air Freshener with Odourclear technology fights odours, leaving a light fresh scent. Spring Awakening is a light green fragrance inspired by springtime natural freshness of Lenor. Febreze Aerosols are non-flammable and contain 100% natural propellant. This makes them a perfect fit for any room in the house. Try the full range of Febreze products with the unique Odourclear technology, such as Febreze Fabric Freshener and Car Freshener. Also try Febreze 3volution Plugs, for continuous odour elimination up to 90 days.

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Procter & Gamble UK
KT13 0XP
United Kingdom


Febreze with Odourclear technology fights odours and leaves a light fresh scent, Spring Awakening is a light green fragrance inspired by springtime natural freshness of Lenor, Unique Febreze Odourclear technology doesn’t just mask but truly fights odours, leaving a fresh scent, Leaves your home with a beautiful light, fresh scent, Febreze Spray Air Freshener, non-flammable, natural propellant and perfect for any room in the house, Febreze Spray Air Fresheners available in a wide range of high quality fragrances

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Safety Warning:
Pressurised container: May burst if heated. Keep out of reach of children. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. Use only as directed. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking. Do not pierce or burn, even after use. Protect from sunlight. Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C. 5% by mass of the contents are flammable. Contains Delta-Damascone. May produce an allergic reaction.