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Knorr Beef Stock Cubes 8 x 10g


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In stock

Salt, vegetable fats (palm, shea, sal), starch, flavourings, sugar, yeast extract, beef fat (3%) [beef fat, antioxidant (extracts of rosemary)], beef stock powder (2%), caramel syrup, onion powder †, maltodextrin, parsley †, carrots †, spices (parsley root powder †, CELERY seeds). † Sustainably grown

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Contains Celery


Treat your taste buds and add an extra boost of flavour to your dishes with Knorr Beef Stock Cubes. The authentic flavours and quality ingredients of Knorr Beef Stock Cubes 20 x 10 g are perfect for beef dishes ranging from steaks to pies, casseroles, and more. Your family and friends are sure to love the flavour of your dishes. In addition to the mouth-watering taste, Knorr Beef Stock Cubes are gluten-free, as well as quick and easy to prepare. Simply add your stock cube to 450 ml of boiling water and stir into your dish to enjoy that great beef flavour, or add the cube directly into the dish – you choose whichever way you fancy! Use Knorr Stock Cube to create a delicious, rich dish. You can find a great selection of recipes from Knorr and discover our other quality stock cube variants such as Chicken, Vegetable, Lamb or Rich Beef at our website https://www.knorr.com/uk – don’t hesitate to take a look.

Knorr Top Tip for Grilled Steak
For a succulent, mouth-watering steak:
Crumble 1 gluten-free Knorr Beef Stock Cube into a small bowl and mix with 1–2 tbsps of olive oil to make a paste.
Rub the paste over both sides of your steak.

Sear your steak on both sides in a hot pan until it’s cooked to your liking, and enjoy.
At Knorr, we believe that if you cook with a great stock, made with carefully selected ingredients, slowly simmered, with a rich flavour, it will taste so good that you may need a bigger table to satisfy all of your friends and family. We also believe that good food matters and everyday meals can be just as magical as special occasions. We source quality ingredients to create delicious stocks, gravies, soups and seasonings enjoyed by families across the world. We are also aware of our fundamental responsibility to take the utmost care of the environment, which is why our packaging is made with sustainably sourced cardboard.
Created to enhance flavours. Knorr Beef Stock Cubes are bound to bring an irresistible depth of taste to your meals, Knorr stock cubes will satisfy your taste buds with a carefully selected blend of herbs, seasonings and meat juices that delicately enhance the natural flavours of your dishes, Simply add your stock cube to 450 ml of boiling water, add it to a meal directly or mix it with a little olive oil and rub onto meat, Enjoy without worry – Knorr Beef Stock Cubes are made with sustainably grown vegetables & herbs, are gluten free, have no added MSG, no artificial colours or preservatives, Stock cubes will enhance a variety of beef dishes ranging from steaks to pies, casseroles, and more, effortlessly adding a full taste, Knorr Beef Stock Cubes: an easy way to make a beef dish stand out

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Preparation and Usage
French onion soup Fry 2 onions in 2 tbsp oil until golden brown. Stir in black pepper, 10g flour and pinch sugar. Add 600ml Knorr stock and simmer for 25 mins.

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Beef Stock Cubes

Store in a cool, dry place.


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