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Mini Cheddars 30% Less fat Gloucester & Chive Multipack 6 per pack


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Country of Origin
United Kingdom


In stock

NEW Mini Cheddars 30% less fat, formerly named Mini Cheddars Nibblies

Not only have we made every bite of Mini cheddars awesome.
We’ve also made them with 30% less fat*
30% Less fat*
*30% Less fat on average than other baked cheese snacks and biscuits
73 kcal per pack, Oven Baked, Never Fried, Suitable for Vegetarians

Country of Origin
United Kingdom

Suitable for vegetarians
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Full Product Name:
Cheese Snack Biscuits with a Double Gloucester Cheese and Chive Flavour

Store in a cool, dry place.

6 Servings

Hello, we’re Mini Cheddars 30% Less Fat!
We’re the newest addition to the mini family. With 30% less fat than our mini cheddars cousins, we go big on snacking satisfaction. We’re crunchy, cheesy and totally delicious. Less fat. A lot of fun!
United biscuits (UK) limited,

(UK): Freepost Jacob’s.